The Definitive Guide to mechanical mod

Equally modes are technically proper, determined by what design and what era Vox you check out. Many people prefer the ‘Common’ setting to the AC30CC though, so it’s well worth making an attempt out.

The V1 plate resister mod didn’t really exercise for me. The proposed values designed the preamp go crazy when turned on entire so ditched that and reverted for the default.

Consequently concludes the mods that I have presently done on my Vox AC15CC. There are numerous extra mods that may probably be finished and I will carry on to update this article as I complete them.

Clear away the tiny block of wood and attach it to the new Accutronics 8EB2C1B unit (the holes match up perfectly).

The end result is much more electricity probable. To acquire a much better have an understanding of of the different portions of a mech mod, let’s go down the checklist, applying a typical tube mod for example.

To perform this mod you must Keep to the ‘Accessing the PCB Board’ tutorial above, as you have to accessibility the most crucial PCB board. Find the resistor R23, circled in diagram beneath, and take away it. Change it Together with the new resistor worth of 180K, or decrease when you desire.

Mechanical mods, or mech mods, were a few of the to start with mods available just a few many years ago. In fact, they were originally conceived by vapers who modified flashlights, as well as name “mod” just trapped. Nowadays, mech mods come a variety of styles and sizes further than your normal tube.

Just like the bodies of mech mods, pins used in regular connectors come in different components far too. Stainless steel is the most common, while brass and copper are used for improved conductivity. Some businesses add a coating to The bottom steel. Gold plating is made use of to provide decreased maintenance, considering that gold is highly proof against corrosion.

You will have the possibility To find out more about your picked out corps, Whilst you won't make your final conclusion until eventually you happen to be in schooling at Sandhurst.

Hi David, I had a guy on the community fix shop jumper the board and it now operates very well. Appears like I found a guy to try and do the remainder of the mods. Thanks for your help. TJ

Concerning the tone Slice pot, a 250K pot will operate fantastic there, just ensure you get a logarithmic one. These are labeled by having an A during the front, And so the pot will say A250K on it.

The speaker in the amp has an enormous impact on the tone. So In case you are tone looking, it’s worth thinking of a speaker update. The AC15CC comes along with two speaker decisions; the Wharfedale or the Celestion Alnico Blue.

I started off to research, and located that the Learn quantity pot was broke, it had been abruptly shorted. And because this volumepot is actully shorting the two phases following the section split tube. a short circuit masterpot signifies silence!!! So I taken out the whole PC that hold the Mastervol as well as the vibrato ports as weel.

This sort of steel is usually utilized for kitchen area appliances and sinks. Mechs that use 316L chrome steel are dearer. Such a metal is employed for luxurious wristwatches. Though chrome steel is long lasting and simple to keep up, it’s not as conductive as brass or copper.

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